Eat raw and un-processed sweeteners. Honey that is raw and un-processed will begin to solidify into tiny crystals, especially when it's cold. This is a completely natural process, and indicative of the fact that it was not ultra-heated or filtered. The most delicious, nutritious honeys are raw!

Healthy bees mean healthy humans. People depend on bees to pollinate one-third of the foods we eat. Yet bees world-wide are disappearing because of loss of habitat, malnutrition and disease. Organic beekeeping ensures protected areas for bees to forage in, and promotes holistic methods for maintaining vigorous honeybee colonies. By choosing to buy our certified organic Royal Hawaiian Honey, you are supporting farming practices which work to keep bees- and the humans that depend on them- healthy.

Act like you live on an island. The key to our success as a small business is the ability to do more with less. Our honeys are harvested in a rural part of one of the most isolated land-masses on Earth! When something breaks on the farm, we can't just run to the store to buy a new one. We fix it, modify it, or devise a round-about. This means less waste, but it also forces us to be more efficient and creative.

Know the source. We produce all the honey we sell from hive to jar. We do not buy or blend honey from any other supplier. Most honey found in markets today is manufactured by honey packers- companies who buy from beekeepers around the world, then filter and blend the honey together, making it very hard to know where the honey comes from and who made it. Our Royal Hawaiian Honey brand is beekeeper-owned, ensuring transparency and direct and increased profits to the farmer.