Royal Hawaiian 100% raw, unfiltered honey is harvested on the Big Island. Our honey comes directly from the hive and is never blended, pasteurized or filtered. Each harvest of honey is limited and seasonally available: The color, flavor and texture will vary depending on the flowers the bees are foraging on at any given time of year. We invite you to enjoy our pure, authentic Hawaiian honey!

Light golden color, a silky mouth-feel, butterscotch overtones and floral bouquet.

Raw and Unfiltered: Honey the Way Nature Intended

We believe less is more. The best quality raw honey is minimally processed—warmed to a maximum temperature of 118° F—and never filtered so all original pollen is present.  Raw honey has a much richer, more nuanced flavor than processed honey. It may vary in color and look cloudy as it crystallizes and solidifies. Royal Hawaiian Honey comes in a wide mouth jar so you can reach the bottom if it crystallizes, and can be re-liquefied by placing the jar in a hot water bath.

Read more about our voluntary True Source certification here. We pledge to only sell honey that is ethically sourced in a transparent and traceable manner from hive to shelf.

Raw Island Wildflower